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LP: Machines – RC Car

Today’s blog is about machines — remote control car.

I got this RC Car when I was young, my cousin gave this to me as a birthday gift. This isn’t my first remote control car, in fact, my first one was really a racing car: It was huge and fast, really fast. Until one day, it broke. Since then, I didn’t buy any RC Car.

I want to get a RC Helicopter, it looks look flying it in our huge backyard or maybe a RC Airplane. The only thing I don’t like about the RC Airplane is that you have to go to a runway for that.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

This RC Car is about 1.5 inch to 2 inches long and less than an inch wide. It is not working anymore, I lost the battery. I tried doing some operations on it to make it work, but it break even more. I painted it yellow to give it a cool looking but it turned out to be a not so nice looking car.

Do you have any RC toys? What is it? When did you get it? Is it still working?