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Transplanting Plants to a Larger Container

So, you just bought plants from a garden center or a nursery and it’s in a small container. At this time, your plants needs room to grow and transplanting is the only way to get bigger. I’ll help you transplant it to a larger container.

You will need a large container, 5 gallons or larger with holes in the bottom of the container, fertilizer/compost, medium, worm casting.

If you just bought a plant from a garden center and it’s located indoors, you will need to harden the plant before fully putting them outdoors. Click here to learn how to harden plants.

With your medium, mix with compost/fertilizer. I like my medium fast draining so I add perlite to my soil. You can add worm casting to your medium. I add them to the container, then add the plant. Then you would add more soil to the container. Make sure that the plant is within soil level, unless it’s a tomato plant then you can  plant it deeper. After planting, water heavily from the top.


[Day 30] growing hot peppers

After 30 days since sowing the seeds. At this time, you should be seeing sprouts of that seed. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any, some hot peppers will take a long time to sprout. Be patient.

Water the hot peppers is necessary, water the seedlings from the bottom of the cup. To do this, poke a hole on the bottom of the cup. Then get another cup, add water into the cup and put the cup with the plant on top of the second cup.

Some say add fertilizer at this time, I don’t usually add them. It’s up to you if you want to add fertilizer.

You have couple more weeks to wait to see your plant grow more and before transplanting it into a pot.

Be patient!