How To Take HDR Image

I have tried HDR only once, but from the tutorials that I have read. I think I have the full grasp of how to do it and I will show you how to make our own HDR Image.

What is HDR Image?

[quote]HDR means High Dynamic Range.[/quote]

What you will need to take and make HDR Image?



HDR software


Here is how to take HDR Image. First, using a tripod take three of the same image. But with each different exposure. The first image should be +2 exposure. The second image should be 0. Last, the exposure should be -2. Also, your camera should be using aperture priority. Check picture below to see what I mean.

If you are shooting with RAW, convert them to JPG or TIFF.

Now that you have your three images, you will have to use a software for this. If you don’t have any software, search for ‘FREE HDR SOFTWARE’ on your search engine.

After that, the software will then combine your three images and make it to one cool looking image.


I have a -2, 0, +2 exposure. (in order)

-2 exposure

0 exposure

+2 exposure

HDR Image
Final Result

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