Don’t Take Advantage

This is another rant or how I vent out my frustrations out. This is just a writing on how you shouldn’t take advantage on who’s helping you.

I work on a team of 6 staff, it could be 7, it depends on the situation. See, when someone is helping you do your assignment, you should be thankful.  There are other 5 or 6 staff, you call them and don’t depend on me. I tried helping you but you shoo me away. And when you need help, you call me? But, didn’t you just shoo me away? I’m patience enough, I can tolerate almost anything but shooing me away just after I tried helping you? That just sets me off.

There’s always that one person who thinks you don’t help them when, in fact, you help them every time. You can’t win in a situation where they only see the bad thing you do.

I want to tell this to someone but I feel like they won’t understand what I’m feeling. I feel like, they’ll judge me because I stopped helping.

Anyways, I want to be a water inside a soda bottle rather than a soda inside it. Think about that.

I’m over it now that I let it out. No worries, I will still help, that’s just my nature.

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