Save Money, Meal Prep

Imagine buying food outside 5 days a week for a month. How much are you spending for eating out?  A McDonald’s meal can cost you about $10, multiply that by 5, for 5 days of work days. Then multiply that by 20, for 20 days working days a month.  You are spending $200 a month on food, and that’s only with McDonald’s food, imagine going out spending $15 or $20 a meal somewhere else. Your could’ve saved that much money meal prepping for a week.

I spend about $20 to – $25 worth of food, lunch and dinner, for a week. While you’ll spend $50 for lunch a week. Can you see how much you could be saving?

I cook variety of food. From eggplant parmesan to tofu sandwich, and mushroom burger. Also, I’m making healthy choices with my food and I limit how much I eat.

There are tons of recipe that you can find on the web or on YouTube. It’ll help you develop your cooking as well.


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