What to Plant in April

Undecided what to plant? Here’s what you can plant in April.

Be wary of your weather. Some weather will vary per country. It might be warming up in Southern California but might be cooling in other parts of the world.

Beans: Contender, Kentucky Wonder, Topcrop.

Beets: Detroit Dark Red

Cabbage: Premium Late Flat Dutch, Golden Acre, Michihili

Carrots: Little Finger, Scarlet Nantes. Prepare your loose soil for a better production.

Corn: Peaches and Cream, Incredible, Sugar Buns. Plant them in rows for better pollinations.

Cucumbers: Spacemaster 80, Muncher, Marketmore 76. Be careful of temperature change or your cucumber might be bitter and inedible.

Herbs: Basil, oregano, thyme and sage.

Lettuce: Buttercrunch, Mesclun Mix, Black Seeded Simpson. Plant every week for continuous harvest.

Melons: Sugar Baby, Crimson Sweet, Hales Best. The most rewarding for summer season.

Peas: Sugar Ann, Oregon Giant

Peppers: Variety of peppers. Peppers love summer heat. It’s better to start them indoors in January for a headstart.

Tomatoes: Variety.


What I planted in April: Tomatoes – beefsteak and sweetie. Cucumber –  marketmore 76, cilantro, Hot Peppers. Lettuce: Romaine. Carrots: Scarlett Nantes. Squash: Butternut.

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