Love Is: Eat Bulaga’s TeleMovie

Love is, is a telemovie by Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, aka AlDub, one of love teams in the Philippines. This telemovie intrigues me, as a curious Filipino, I decided to watch this telemovie.

Love is, is the “first ever telemovie that will redefine love, promise and commitment. The story that will tell us what “Love is…””

The telemovie starts off with two couples who just got engaged, who lives a successful life. Vivian’s, Maine Mendoza, life turned around when her Dad suffered a stroke, her car got repossessed while was scammed by her cousin, which affected her work duties. Also, she called of the engagement, “You deserve someone better than me,” Vivian told Marco, Alden Richards.

Vivian decided to commit suicide by overdosing on pills which failed due to Marco, Alden Richards, who stopped her from taking the pills.

If you know someone who are depressed, you can help them by talking to them and supporting them. There are couple ways to find out if someone is depressed, one of the symptoms of depression are: change of appetite, poor hygiene, lack of energy, writing a note, having a plan, feeling worthless, helpless.

What is love? Love is… loving myself and accepting myself. Love is opening your heart to those who accept who you are. “Breathe and Fight it”, “Love yourself before you love someone else.”

Some signs of suicidal ideation are giving away their prized possessions, having a plan and having an action. There are some don’t say what their plans are. Some keeps to self and just do it.

Please, don’t tell them to get over depression or it’s all made up or their only looking for attention because it will just trigger them to actually commit suicide. They will think that they are worthless to everyone.

If you feel depressed, please ask for help. Committing suicide is a permanent action for a temporary problem. Depression can be overcome with the right support and therapy.


Watch Love Is Here.


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