Dynamic Mounting

We decided to re-set up our living room, This means that we have to move our TV location. Our set up used to be by our small space that can only be watched by 3 people or more but they have to seat in the back.

With our current set up and with the Dynamic Mounting, our living room space and the people that can watch the TV are maximized. With our current set-up, more than 8 people can watch and seat to spare.

In this current set-up and without the Dynamic Mounting, the TV will be above the fireplace. We would be looking up if we don’t have the Dynamic Mounting and our necks would be sore. However, with Dynamic Mounting we are able to put the TV in the down position and watch it with eye level. No more sore necks and it’s easy to watch.

Recently, we have family come over to have a holiday dinner in our house. They saw how we set-up our TV, above the fireplace. At first, they were saying that the TV is too high for us to watch. But when we pulled it down, they were shocked and complimented it. They love Dynamic Mounting.

Setting up and installing the Dynamic Mounting requires two person, we printed a template guide to help us position the mount. The installing part is easy, mounting the TV for us is hard because of how heavy our TV is. Overall, The installation and mounting is easy. No degree needed for such installation. Thumbs up and if you are to get a mount, get Dynamic Mounting. It’s a must get TV mount.

Down Position

Up position

From the side

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