Hollywood Sign Ride

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy with school and work and I haven’t been able to ride that much. 15 AdoboVelo rode Thursday night to Hollywood Sign.

This ride is easy, fun, and torture. I’m not a climber and I just started climbing; Maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time climbing. But anyways, the last yards when you see the fence is a steep climb.

We started from Eaglerock mall and from there we started going through the streets, we have to do a double paceline to occupy the whole lane. All of us have lights, front and back.

Before going to the Hollywood Sign, there would be a gate. Before that gate, a climb for probably 2 or 3 miles. For me, I have to do a zigzag. It takes more energy and slow but it doesn’t matter, we weren’t in a hurry to climb.

We spent about 30 minutes taking picture, getting some rest, and getting to know other members. It was a fun ride. Definitely looking for another Thursday night ride with AdoboVelo.

One of AdoboVelo who lives in Los Angeles knows the street that most of us, so he took us to a ‘shortcut’. Which includes a short steep climb, a little bit steep than the Hollywood Sign climb. It was fun and torture at the same time and the team encouraging you to keep on going. I had to stop to rest then keep on going.

Here is my strava.

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