New Month, New Gear

It’s September 2013 and I’ve been only biking for three months and I’ve invested a lot now with my bike. I’m starting the month of September with new stuff for my bike and this includes: a GPS (Garmin Edge 800), and a road pedal (Shimano PD-5700).

The current pedal that I use for my bike is Shimano XT PD-M780 MTB Pedals, it is a mountain bike pedal and I have yet to install it. Also, I am currently using a wired Sigma 1009, and for me, this is a big update from just a speedometer.

I’m almost finish buying all I need for cycling, I still need to get a cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. As of right now, heart rate monitor is not on my top list.

Right now, I am still saving up to buy a roof mount for my car. This should be on my top list because I keep putting my car on my trunk and I’m having to put the back seat down just to make my bike fit.

I’m happy with my purchase in this month, I believe this is a great investment. Hopefully, this stuffs will last me long.

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