ABC Check Before Riding

The ABC check before riding is very important, this will make sure that your bike doesn’t have any problem nor encounter problems during your ride.

A stands for air. Check your tire pressure, make sure that your tire is inflated with the right PSI. Bring a tire pump with you and re-inflate if tire is flat. Bring couple CO2 with you with head along with you. When totally flat, make sure that you have an extra tube with you. Without air, tube would be useless. CO2 will come handy in this situation.

B stands for brake. Check if your brake works, front and back, and is in great condition.

C stands for check. Check everything and make sure everything works. From gear shifting to braking to tire inflation to gears. Also, check if your tire is still okay to ride

With some group of friends, we did 31 miles. 8 miles on the trail and the rest on the road. On the 21 mile, my friend had a flat. His pump does not fit the valve. I had to use my CO2 to put air on the tube.

Below, you can see where we ride. Riding on the street could be fun and sometimes be exciting. Not knowing if the light is going to turn yellow. This could be a slow ride back home, but it feels great.

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