29 Miles Bike Ride

Usually, I ride 20 miles with other bikers but not this time. This time I hit the almost 30 miles, well it’s actually more than 30 but there are some points where I didn’t record the mileage.

We made it back in less than two hours, I left the tracker on when we stopped. I had some minor problem, my seat was moving causing it to rock back and forth. It did some damage to my performance, I couldn’t pedal and it made me seat all the way back. None of us have tools to fix this, I left mine at home and some of my friends left theirs in the car. We had to ask someone for some tools, it did fix it but after couple miles the seat was moving again.

Remember, double check that you have your tools with you. It is very helpful that you have your own and not rely on your friends.

This is the route that we took. http://www.strava.com/activities/63631263

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