New Biking Gear

Today, I was able to wear my bib instead of my short to a 20 miles bike ride. I thought it’s going to be weird but I was wrong, it’s comfortable and you don’t feel that you’re wearing a bib.

What’s better? A bib or cycling short? It comes down to personal preference. I prefer bib but some might not.

You know what sucks? Wearing a short with a cycling short. My cycling short doesn’t have any pockets and I don’t have a jersey yet, so I have to wear a short that have pockets to put my stuff in such as food, keys, and wallet. I’m still waiting for my jersey to come in the mail.

Anyway, my speedometer came in the mail and now I can track my speed. I want to be consistent with my speed. Lately, I’ve been averaging about 12 miles per hour on a 20 miles ride.

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