Seven Things You Need To Start Cycling

So, you just picked up a new road bike and you want to bike.

What do YOU need to start?

1. Bicycle – It does not matter if your bike is borrowed, used, or new. You need a bike.

2. Helmet – Come on, common sense. You need to protect your head.

3. Cycling short or Bib – If you decide to ride for many miles, this comes handy. You don’t need to get the most expensive one, you can get some on sale. If riding for many miles, you’ll enjoy the comfort and the padding that comes with it. You don’t have to get a jersey but the pockets behind it will come handy. You can store food, phone, keys, etc.

4. Chamois cream – This is applied to prevent chaffing and discomfort.

5. Bike and gear knowledge – You have to know your parts and know how to change parts of your bike. Know how to change flats. It’s better to learn how to change flats before having a flats than learning how to change flats when you have flats on the spot. Make sense? Just know how to change flats.

6. Basic cycling skills and knowledge – Also, know the law. Know how to signal, riding in traffic, passing other cyclists and pedestrian. Be familiar with your bike before going out. Know how to handle emergency stop, riding with a partner or in a group.

7. Having fun – Just have fun when riding your bike.

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