Yup, That’s Me

Yup, I’m that guy that will wait for a reply before sending a new text. I don’t keep texting someone who hasn’t reply yet.

Some get angry of me when I don’t text them. I’m the one who gets hurt because of what they said. There is no point of texting someone who don’t reply to my previous text. I feel that I’m annoying them when I text them twice without letting them reply.

The reason why I wait for their reply is that so I know they want to text and not busy. If they don’t reply back, to me, it means that they are doing something and don’t want to be bothered?

i don’t know why someone gets angry when they say I don’t text them, but they are the one who doesn’t rely to previous text.

:c yup, that’s me. I guess I have to blog this just to lash out my anger. I don’t like throwing my anger at someone else. :/ i know they won’t even care.

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