Drinks For Everyone

You know what’s common that will always be in a Filipino party/gathering? Food, drinks, and Karaoke.

The typical food that will ALWAYS be there is rice. Also, they will have the famous lechon or the pig with the head.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

One of the food that will be present during a Filipino gathering: Lechon with the famous ‘Mang Tomas.’

copyright - VernonVan Photogrpahy

Alcohol will be there too, without alcohol there is not party.

You know what is messed up though? Parents offering their children to drink with them, I guess it’s part of them but the law says that you can’t drink until you are in a legal age. Who can say no to if your parents are the one who offered you to drink. 😀

Before you even arrive to the house, you will already hear someone singing. This is really normal for Filipino, they will sing and sing and sing until their guest arrive. Sing all you want because when 10:00pm hits, the adult will takeover with their drinks.

What other foods do you see when you go to a Filipino gathering?

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