Why Do You Love Me?

“Why do you love me?”
Is it because of my looks? Is it because you don’t want to break my heart? Or is it because you want me?

This is the most asked question to a couple.

What made you love me? What did you see in me? Is it because you love me for my big boobs, big butt? my eyes? my smile?

Some guy will answer because of their inside appearance such as ‘You make me smile’ but is that the real truth? Are you sure that the guy isn’t lying? Or maybe he wants to get inside your pants.

Do you love me because of what I have or do you love me for what I don’t have but what I look inside? Will you take care of me when I only needed or would you continually take care of me everyday?

All girls want is to be loved for who they are, taken care of because you want to and now because they needed it, and be there for them everyday. Respect is what woman is asking for and they shouldn’t be taken advantage.

copyright - VernonVan

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