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Get Started with Photo Blogging

A photo blog can be anything that you want it to be, but you have to remember that it is a photo blog that means — photos.
Photo blogs have many options like asking users/readers for photos to submit, your own, pulled in from across the web, or combination of the three.


  1. To get started:Pick a Platform
    • Tumblr: A microblogging platform — it is a short-form blogging tool that is mixed as a social network. It is simple to use, free, and you can have a lot of readers. Users can follow your blog, “reblog” or share your pictures to their followers.
    • Blogger: Easy set-up, editable templates, basic photo sharing.
    • WordPress: Highly customizable, a lot of photo blogs plug-ins.
    • I recommend to use Tumblr because it is popular and users can see your photo blog immediately and gain popularity in an instance.
  2. Customize

    • Resize photos to same dimension
    • Be consistent with your posting schedule. Tumblr is great for this. You can have a queue that is posted with in a specific time or you can choose when to post it. Do not spam.
    • Make credits. This is a must.
    • Stick with posting photos only. Remember it is a photo blog.
  3. Promote
    • Get involved with audience
    • Share
    • Pay attention to what audience like about your blog