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Develop Film From Your Camera

Do you have a disposable film camera and want to develop the film? I will teach you how to do this.
In the world of advanced technology, teenagers today didn’t have the experience the use of camera film. All they have is their point and shoot camera in which they can see the shots that they took immediately. Unlike, film you have to pay to get them developed. Why not developed it your own. It’s fun when you see the finished work.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

Things that you need:
Dark Room
Film Reel*
Developing Tank*
Film Can Opener*
* – can be bought at camera store such as ‘Samy’s Camera’
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You can do this in your bath room. Lights will be off when you are opening the film can until you are finished reeling in the film into the film reel.

In the room, turn off the lights so you can open the film cam using the film can opener.
Use the scissor to cut off the film at the end that connects it to the film stick
Also, cut about 1 inch from the beginning of the film.
After you have cut the beginning and the end of the film, use the film reel to reel your firm.
Put it into the developing tank and closing the lid.

You may now turn on the lights.
Pour in the developer into the developing tank until it is completely full.
The time to develop this with the developer depends on the temperature of your developer.
Agitate the tank every 10 seconds for every minute until the time is finished.
After the time is up, pour back the developer to its container.
Pour in water to rinse it a little bit.
Now pour in the fixer.
Again, time will depends on the temperature of the fixer.
Agitate it every 10 seconds of the minute until time is up.
Pour back the fixer to its container.
Complete rinse it with water.

There you go, you have developed your film.

Developing Your 4×5 viewfinder

This a 4z5 monorail viewfinder that I used for my photography class. I will show you how to develop your own.

You will need a:
stop bath
photo flow
timer (glow in the dark)
Small container with holes poked below

Also a darkroom where it is complete darkness. You will be there for at least 30 minutes to one hours.

Let’s begin developing.

First, you will put your film into the developer for five minutes.
While waiting for five minutes, you will have to agitate it. Do these steps.

Agitate for 30 seconds
Sit for 50 seconds
Agitate for 10 seconds
Sit for 50 seconds
Agitate for 10 seconds
Repeat until 5 minutes finished.

Then you will have to put it to stop bath for 15 seconds.
Put it to fixer for 5 minutes.
Then put it to a water for 15 minutes with water blasting and overflowing your container.

You finished developing your film, now you have to add photo flow for 15 seconds and you will have it hanged to dry.