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Quick, shoot it

It was a Saturday afternoon when my friends decided to go hang out at a park. We went out to eat first at a Korean BBQ couple blocks from our house.
After eating, we went to a park where I was amazed because this is my first time going to that park and also the size of it. It was huge with a lake and fountain in the middle of the lake. This park is great for fishing, ball sport such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and tennis. If you plan on playing tennis, take a look at https://tennisracquets.com/collections/oliver-thomas-bags. There is also a playground for kids and also for adults.

Also, I was amazed by the number of birds flying around. There are flying and walking everywhere. I had my camera at that time and I decided to load up and see if I can capture at least one bird flying.

With my camera and my quick panning of the bird, I shot this image.

copyright – VernonVan Photography

It turned out beautiful, the bird was focused while the background is not. It took me a while to get this shot.

I am grateful that my friend helped me take this shot, they were running around just to get the bird flying.

Get Started with Photo Blogging

A photo blog can be anything that you want it to be, but you have to remember that it is a photo blog that means — photos.
Photo blogs have many options like asking users/readers for photos to submit, your own, pulled in from across the web, or combination of the three.


  1. To get started:Pick a Platform
    • Tumblr: A microblogging platform — it is a short-form blogging tool that is mixed as a social network. It is simple to use, free, and you can have a lot of readers. Users can follow your blog, “reblog” or share your pictures to their followers.
    • Blogger: Easy set-up, editable templates, basic photo sharing.
    • WordPress: Highly customizable, a lot of photo blogs plug-ins.
    • I recommend to use Tumblr because it is popular and users can see your photo blog immediately and gain popularity in an instance.
  2. Customize

    • Resize photos to same dimension
    • Be consistent with your posting schedule. Tumblr is great for this. You can have a queue that is posted with in a specific time or you can choose when to post it. Do not spam.
    • Make credits. This is a must.
    • Stick with posting photos only. Remember it is a photo blog.
  3. Promote
    • Get involved with audience
    • Share
    • Pay attention to what audience like about your blog