Rico Yan and AJ Perez Resemblance in New Photo

Gold's Gym
I don’t know, but for me I can see the resemblance with his eyes.

The photo came the CEO of Gold’s Gym, Ms. Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit. According to her, it will be Gold’s Gym advertisement this coming Monday on the Philippine Star.

The photo above was shot in 2010, but only released now as they pay tribute to AJ Perez on ‘The Philippine Star.’ Gold’s Gym will also be releasing more pictures of AJ Perez.

How To Take Baby Portrait

Are you a beginner photographer who wants to take baby portrait? I will show/teach you how to take great baby portrait.

Being patient is one of the key for taking a great baby portrait because you cannot control how the baby moves.

To have a wonderful shot, this are some things that you should check out.

Do you have a solid background
Do you have toys?
Are you having an eye contact with the baby?

What kind of lens should I use to take baby portrait?

Well, it depends, if you want to capture the details use a telephoto lens. If not, just a regular 35mm lens will do.

Should I use colored or black and white?

With baby portrait, black and white is good. Use color and if you think that black and white is fine, edit it with Photoshop or your favorite photo editor.

How do I make the baby look at the camera.

With this, toys are very handy. With the baby’s parent, use them to be your assistant. Tell them to shake the toys behind and above you.Also, use a camera puppet. This is a toy in which you attach a toy on your lens. Move your lens side to side just to get the baby’s attention to the lens.

Laughing is contagious. If you laugh really loud, the baby will also laugh. This will generate a happy face.

Hopefully, this will help you get a wonderful baby portrait. If you have any questions, drop comments below.

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