Allen Gibbs disrespects AJ Perez on FaceBook

We Will Miss You AJ Perez (RIP)Image taken from “We Will Miss You AJ Perez (RIP).”

Allen Gibbs posted a hateful message towards AJ Perez on his Facebook Page hours after he died.

Allen disguts me, we should not tolerate his behavior. I’m not even sure if this Allen Gibbs is real, he might be posing as someone to hide his real identity. Maybe coward? scared? I don’t know but the way he acts seem like he is not real.

Teen Pregnancy

What would you feel when you noticed that your high school best friend is pregnant? Would you still support her through her nine months of carrying the baby? Would you talk bad about her telling her that she’s not going to college, would you back stab her?

Gaby Rodriguez, 17 years old, faked her pregnancy for research study about how she would be treated for six months. Only a handful knows about what she is doing. Her mother and Gabby’s boyfriend are the only one who knows about her fake pregnancy. Her whole school, relatives, boyfriend’s mother, siblings and friends did not know about it. For her experiment, the results were painful for her.

For six months she pretended by using baggy clothings and leading up to using a fake belly.

She revealed the truth at her school’s assembly. Her friends left her alone and ashamed.

Watch the video at yahoo.

Willie Revillame not pressing charges against critics

Willie Revillame changed his mind and won’t be pressing charges anymore against celebrities whom he said “attacked” him on the microblogging site Twitter.

“Hindi na ho [Not anymore],” he told Radyo Inquirer’s Mon Tulfo and Reysie Amado.

Is there a law that says that you can’t say your OWN opinion?

No freedom of speech in the Philippines? Really? So if I say some opinion about Willie, he’s going to press charge me?
Wow, really Willie?
Why press charge? Are you that guilty?

Why don’t you just ‘help’ Filipinos with your ‘own’ money.

Oh wait, is it your money? That’s right it’s the sponsor’s money that you give the contestants, it’s not yours.

I remember when I went to watch ‘Wowowee’ when I went to the Philippines for vacation in 2007. This contestant who was poor and sick couldn’t buy medicine. The audience stood up and gave her donations. I don’t remember if I saw Willie gave something to her, I know for sure that we did donate some of our OWN money in dollars.

Some names that Willie mentioned: Lea Salonga, Jim Paredes, Bianca Gonzalez, Aiza Seguerra, Agot Isidro, K Brosas and Leah Navarro.
Don’t be sad, you can say whatever you want.


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