House Shopping

House shopping or house hunting, it’s that that time of your life. It could either be a wonderful time or a sad time. It takes so much energy out of you that you can’t decide where to look for due to conflicts of someone else.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you are looking for that dream house, even just imagining what to do with that house makes you happy. You get to start from scratch with designing everything, from wall colors, to security system. It’s an endless possibilities when you start from beginning.

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Learning How to Play Guitar

I’ve done it, I finally bought a guitar. It took me some encouragement to go to ‘Guitar Center’ and talk to associate regarding guitar choices. I ended up getting an Ibanez guitar with all black, pretty cool style for me.

Day zero: admiring my first guitar and getting a feel of it. I also downloaded a tuner app to make sure the strings are in tune. I watched dozens of YouTube videos on how to tune a guitar and to make sure it’s in tune. Also, I watched YouTube tutorials for beginners, and getting a feel of what’s coming.

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Photography & Gardening