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Yup, That’s Me

Yup, I’m that guy that will wait for a reply before sending a new text. I don’t keep texting someone who hasn’t reply yet.

Some get angry of me when I don’t text them. I’m the one who gets hurt because of what they said. There is no point of texting someone who don’t reply to my previous text. I feel that I’m annoying them when I text them twice without letting them reply.

The reason why I wait for their reply is that so I know they want to text and not busy. If they don’t reply back, to me, it means that they are doing something and don’t want to be bothered?

i don’t know why someone gets angry when they say I don’t text them, but they are the one who doesn’t rely to previous text.

:c yup, that’s me. I guess I have to blog this just to lash out my anger. I don’t like throwing my anger at someone else. :/ i know they won’t even care.

LP: Puppies

My first time of having a pet was when I was a kid, my uncle gave us a dog and my aunt. From that point on, we have a dog in our house. The most pet that we had was 3 dogs, a cat, 2 hamsters that grew to about 20.

Our house wag big and so was the number of pet that we are taking care of, it was fun playing with them. Sometimes, they gave us a headache but it’s still fun.

Right now, we have three dogs: two male and a female, and a puppy. We also believe that our dog is pregnant, again. It’s going to be a pain again trying to find who will want a puppy. Luckily, some of our friends wanted puppy so we gave them away.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

This is the father

copyright - VernonVan Photography

This was taken when they were about 2 months old or probably younger.

*update: The puppy that we had died this morning, we are not sure why he died. He was the first born puppy and he was the chubbiest and the cutest too. 🙁
Do you have a pet? How many? If not, do you want one?

Chicken What…

My friend decided to grab some lunch in the school cafeteria because she is really hungry and don’t want to drive in the scorching heat. She decided to get chicken tenders combo which is about $7 with taxes. It is expensive – I agree, what this include is 4 pieces of chicken tenders, fries and medium size drink. Is $7 worth it? No, I don’t think so. First of all, the food is horrible. They don’t have flavors and it is expensive.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

As you can see from the image above, the size of the chicken is so small compared to last time when it was big. From their big four pieces chicken tenders comes down to four pieces of breaded chicken. It’s horrible, I think to get a small sized tenders for $7. They taste nothing too.

This is Day 1 of 365