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Chicken What…

My friend decided to grab some lunch in the school cafeteria because she is really hungry and don’t want to drive in the scorching heat. She decided to get chicken tenders combo which is about $7 with taxes. It is expensive – I agree, what this include is 4 pieces of chicken tenders, fries and medium size drink. Is $7 worth it? No, I don’t think so. First of all, the food is horrible. They don’t have flavors and it is expensive.

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As you can see from the image above, the size of the chicken is so small compared to last time when it was big. From their big four pieces chicken tenders comes down to four pieces of breaded chicken. It’s horrible, I think to get a small sized tenders for $7. They taste nothing too.

This is Day 1 of 365

Korean BBQ

What’s a good way to spend a quality time with your friends — eating Korean BBQ.

What’s so good about Korean BBQ (kbbq) is that you get to cook your own kbbq, some of us want our kbbq crunchy while some of us like it when it turned brown. Some with rice and some without. Some with rice paper and some without.

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There are many different options when you have Korean BBQ, eat however you want. Of course, price does matter because for me they all taste the same. What also matter is that what it comes after, does it have ice cream or any dessert after?