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LP: Miles Square Park

I love this regional park, over four miles around. You can walk/run/jog around the park; it has tennis courts, basketball courts, archery, and golf; you can also fish – you need a fishing license, bbq, andpicnic.

This park is family friendly. You can do so much in this park.

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However, the lake is so dirty that you can’t take a dip. Here take a look.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

It might look bad but that is only the portion of the park. With the park so big, you might get lost.

LP: Puppies

My first time of having a pet was when I was a kid, my uncle gave us a dog and my aunt. From that point on, we have a dog in our house. The most pet that we had was 3 dogs, a cat, 2 hamsters that grew to about 20.

Our house wag big and so was the number of pet that we are taking care of, it was fun playing with them. Sometimes, they gave us a headache but it’s still fun.

Right now, we have three dogs: two male and a female, and a puppy. We also believe that our dog is pregnant, again. It’s going to be a pain again trying to find who will want a puppy. Luckily, some of our friends wanted puppy so we gave them away.

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This is the father

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This was taken when they were about 2 months old or probably younger.

*update: The puppy that we had died this morning, we are not sure why he died. He was the first born puppy and he was the chubbiest and the cutest too. 🙁
Do you have a pet? How many? If not, do you want one?

LP: Machines – RC Car

Today’s blog is about machines — remote control car.

I got this RC Car when I was young, my cousin gave this to me as a birthday gift. This isn’t my first remote control car, in fact, my first one was really a racing car: It was huge and fast, really fast. Until one day, it broke. Since then, I didn’t buy any RC Car.

I want to get a RC Helicopter, it looks look flying it in our huge backyard or maybe a RC Airplane. The only thing I don’t like about the RC Airplane is that you have to go to a runway for that.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

This RC Car is about 1.5 inch to 2 inches long and less than an inch wide. It is not working anymore, I lost the battery. I tried doing some operations on it to make it work, but it break even more. I painted it yellow to give it a cool looking but it turned out to be a not so nice looking car.

Do you have any RC toys? What is it? When did you get it? Is it still working?

LP – Coins Collecting Dusts

These coins have been sitting here for more than months, I’m not sure why it’s there. We do collect coins and after couple months we will then end up changing it to paper money.
Ang coins na ito ay andito nakaupo at naghihintay na may gumalaw sa kanila, di ko rin alam kung bakit andyan. Nag iipon kami ng coins para mapalitan.

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The last time that we used coinstar, exchange coins to paper, was last month and we filled up the whole bag that was collecting it. We reached $200 for just a single transaction.
Huling beses na gumamit kami ng coinster, or ung nag papalit ng coins sa papel, ay nung isang buwan. Na puno namin ung bag na nag iipon ng coins. Umabot kami ng atleast $200 para sa isang transaction. |

Manhid – L.P.

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Ang supermoon ay nangyayari every 18 years.

Ngayon, kung ang isang tao ay mahal mo at pinaparamdam mo sa kanya subalit sya ay manhid. Kelan malalaman ng isang tao na mahal ka nya? Kailangan ba dumating ulit ang supermoon?

Ginagawa mo na ang lahat para lang malaman nya na mahal mo sya. Hirap na hirap ka na sa ginagawa mo, kelan mo masasabi na susuko ka na kasi di mo na kaya? |