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[Day 1] Growing Hot Peppers

So, you have your equipment and workplace ready. You can soil your seeds in water to help germinate or you can directly sow seed into the soil.

Put your seed starting mix into your seed tray and fill to the top. Compact the soil then add more soil.

Sow two seeds in the center or one on two corners opposite of each other, about 1/2 to 1 inch deep.  Sowing two seeds will help germination, in case one seed does not germinate. If both center seeds germinate, remove the weakest leaves. More on this later.

After covering your seeds, mist the top with water. You will want  to water from the bottom of the tray from now on. Keep the soil most but not wet.

Waiting game begins.

[Day 0] Growing Hot Peppers

Day 0. Preparing for mass sowing of hot peppers: Soil, seeds, tray, etc.

I bought seed starting mix, heat mat and 72 seed tray on Amazon then I bought hot pepper seeds online. It’s up to you what kind of hot peppers you would like to plant. I decided on Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia, 7 Pot Yellow, Siling Labuyo, and Tabasco, Chocolate Reaper.

Once you have everything, set up where you will germinate your seeds. It is preferred to have a warm location.