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Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Rewards

  • Return 3 foundables and you will get 2 Restricted Section Books and a book about internet deals comparison for business
  • Pick up 2 Ingredients or Portmanteaus and you will get 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Return 3 Hogwarts School Family Foundables and you will get 15 Brilliant Family XP
  • Section Complete Rewards and you will get 20 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 500 XP, Sticker Sock Green With Snitches

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Tips

From July 16th through July 23rd, the first portion of the event will take place. From July 30th to August 30th, the second event will take place.

  • Hedwig can be found in the Wild
  • Quidditch Captain Harry can be found in the Wild
  • Harry’s Weasley Jumper can be found after fighting in the Fortress
  • Harry’s School Trunk can be found after 7km Portkey
  • Mismatched Socks can be found as a Task Reward
  • Harry’s Triwizard Cup Uniform can be found as a Task Reward

Beware of EA

EA made thousands of gamers irate due to its comment on stating “The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.”

One user complained that after paying $80 for its game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Vader is locked and the only way to unlock Vader is to either pay from its microtransaction or play hundreds of hours. Due to overwhelming amount of gamers demanding refund, EA removed the refund button on their webpage and you have to call them and wait to get a refund.

In response to gamer’s backlash, EA released a statement. However, this made gamers even more irate due to its change. EA cancelled its microtransaction for now and will be bringing microtransaction at a later date.

Good job, EA. See what you did. We’re not proud of you.