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Save Money, Meal Prep

Imagine buying food outside 5 days a week for a month. How much are you spending for eating out?  A McDonald’s meal can cost you about $10, multiply that by 5, for 5 days of work days. Then multiply that by 20, for 20 days working days a month.  You are spending $200 a month on food, and that’s only with McDonald’s food, imagine going out spending $15 or $20 a meal somewhere else. Your could’ve saved that much money meal prepping for a week.

I spend about $20 to – $25 worth of food, lunch and dinner, for a week. While you’ll spend $50 for lunch a week. Can you see how much you could be saving?

I cook variety of food. From eggplant parmesan to tofu sandwich, and mushroom burger. Also, I’m making healthy choices with my food and I limit how much I eat.

There are tons of recipe that you can find on the web or on YouTube. It’ll help you develop your cooking as well.


Season of Giving – Failed

I thought I was able to blog the whole month of December to just give something or do something nice, but I failed. Due to my workload and schedule, I had no time to blog completely.

However, I was able to help someone and do something nice. The only reason why I’m blogging what I’m doing is to showcase that everybody can lend a hand to someone less fortunate.

Let’s continue our giving to those less fortunate for a better world, helping one person at a time.

Season of Giving – Day 3

December 3rd. Sunday

Sunday. Nothing to do, my day to be lazy as it was my day off from my job. It’s December and I have not decorated the house for the holidays. So today, I decided to put up our Christmas lights and Christmas tree.

That’s my giving for today, be in the Christmas spirit. Hopefully, I can give more to the community in the next days or so.

How are you giving back to your community?

Season of Giving – Day 2

December 2nd.

Saturday. Time for myself and do what I love, exploring the nature. Our nature has given us a lot, I decided to give back to nature by picking up trash as I hike the beautiful coastal area of Southern California.

Why can’t we pick up after ourselves? Is it that hard to throw our garbage in the trash disposal? How hard is it to hold our trash until we get to a trash bin?
I’m annoyed to see litters on the trail whether it’s cigarette butts, water bottle, banana peels, etc, can we hold on to it until we see a trash bin. Why? Why do we do this?

Nature has provides us with magnificent surroundings, let’ s keep it that way. Keep it clean.

How are you giving back to others?

Season of giving – Day 1

It’s the 1st of December and 30 days left until 2017 is over. I decided to finish 2017 with happiness for myself and giving happiness to others. I decided to do 31 days of happiness.

December 1, 2017

Do something nice to people. I decided to give my coworker some snacks to just lift the spirit of giving. A simple things that I know that I made someone’s stomach happy. I know what that person loves to snack on so why not surprise that person randomly.

Season of giving doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple things will do especially knowing that you made someone happy.

How would you fulfill the rest of 2017?