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Be Yourself

“They don’t know who you are,” my friend told me when we were out. I’m shy and it’s hard for me to come out of my shell. However, I’ve been thinking about those words that were said to me.

My friend was right, they don’t know me and they will not see my anymore after. I just need to let loose and enjoy the night. I don’t know how they do it, how they can just be out and loose, while I’m here awed with what they can do.

I really need to come out of my shell and do more activities outside and enjoy while being carefree, yet still follow the law.

For those extroverts, how do you do it?

Slowly Losing

This is for all who feel sad due to work habits.

Do you feel lost and lonely because you feel like your life is quiet due to the fact that you’re not talking nor hanging out with anybody. All you do is, work and rest and you’re social life is slowly decreasing.

Adulting. That might be the term used, but it’s not an actual word, but it’s used by many people.

What do you do to overcome this loneliness? Have a great mental health, go out when you have a chance, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired. Go out and get some fresh air, go hiking, go to the beach, energize your body. You can’t be working all the time.

Ask your close coworkers and hike together, don’t talk about work. Go by yourseld, eat, explore, do something. Take a mini vacation, and don’t worry about work.

Talk to someone, open up. Opening up is difficult to those who have trust issues. Have someone to just talk to or vent or rant to. It’s healthy for you. You will feel relieved that you talked to someone.