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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected. Always be prepared because you never know what’s going to happen within 8 hours of your shift at work.
Everything is calm and going smoothly, then boom, you get sent out to go to the hospital, you’re stuck there not knowing until when. You have less than 50% battery life left and you don’t have a charger with you. And you have to constantly report to your boss about what’s happening. The longest 3 hours is there waiting for you. You have nothing to do except stare at the ceilings while you listen to their machine beeping. Fun!

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Invest on Yourself

Invest on yourself, think of your future. I keep reminding myself that but I keep disregarding it. No I’m not talking about investing money on myself but rather than investing time on your self.

Have you experienced something, like, liking someone and you put so much time or investing your time on them that you forget about yourself. You see something in them that you put so much effort and you don’t think of your own future. It’s good for them and hopefully they acknowledge your effort, but it might be bad for you because you don’t know what the future hold for both.

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House Shopping

House shopping or house hunting, it’s that that time of your life. It could either be a wonderful time or a sad time. It takes so much energy out of you that you can’t decide where to look for due to conflicts of someone else.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you are looking for that dream house, even just imagining what to do with that house makes you happy. You get to start from scratch with designing everything, from wall colors, to security system. It’s an endless possibilities when you start from beginning.

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