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Rico Yan and AJ Perez Resemblance in New Photo

Gold's Gym
I don’t know, but for me I can see the resemblance with his eyes.

The photo came the CEO of Gold’s Gym, Ms. Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit. According to her, it will be Gold’s Gym advertisement this coming Monday on the Philippine Star.

The photo above was shot in 2010, but only released now as they pay tribute to AJ Perez on ‘The Philippine Star.’ Gold’s Gym will also be releasing more pictures of AJ Perez.

Allen Gibbs apologized on his FaceBook Profile

A day and a half later, Allen Gibbs apologized to his FaceBook Profile saying that he is sorry and he did not know what he was doing.

I think he realized how his words affected many especially AJ’s fans. I’m just wondering why he apologied on his profile and not on the page where he left that comment. I’m sure many AJ supporter showed how much it hurts when they saw his comment.

Talking about freedom of speech, he might have the freedom of speech to say anything he wants but his comment, in my opinion, crosses that line. It’s beyond that and it should not be tolerated.

Allen Gibbs disrespects AJ Perez on FaceBook

We Will Miss You AJ Perez (RIP)Image taken from “We Will Miss You AJ Perez (RIP).”

Allen Gibbs posted a hateful message towards AJ Perez on his Facebook Page hours after he died.

Allen disguts me, we should not tolerate his behavior. I’m not even sure if this Allen Gibbs is real, he might be posing as someone to hide his real identity. Maybe coward? scared? I don’t know but the way he acts seem like he is not real.