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LP: Machines – RC Car

Today’s blog is about machines — remote control car.

I got this RC Car when I was young, my cousin gave this to me as a birthday gift. This isn’t my first remote control car, in fact, my first one was really a racing car: It was huge and fast, really fast. Until one day, it broke. Since then, I didn’t buy any RC Car.

I want to get a RC Helicopter, it looks look flying it in our huge backyard or maybe a RC Airplane. The only thing I don’t like about the RC Airplane is that you have to go to a runway for that.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

This RC Car is about 1.5 inch to 2 inches long and less than an inch wide. It is not working anymore, I lost the battery. I tried doing some operations on it to make it work, but it break even more. I painted it yellow to give it a cool looking but it turned out to be a not so nice looking car.

Do you have any RC toys? What is it? When did you get it? Is it still working?

Petra Mahalimuyak – The Next Filipina YouTube Star

Petra Mahalimuyak, her real name is Ashley Rivera, is about to be the biggest YouTube Star or probably she is now a big star. According to Petra’s Youtube Info “Hello there! My name is Ashley Rivera. I’m from the Philippines but i’m currently living in Vegas. I’m a crazy girl who loves to dance & have fun. I usually don’t take myself seriously. That’s one of the reasons why i don’t care if i look or act stupid. I love making people laugh. I laugh with them or (sometimes) at them. :)) So, i thought of making my channel to show you guys my randomness.”

The first time I watched her video, I was kinda annoyed because of her voice. As I watched her video, my annoyance simply went away. From being annoyed to laughing my a** off in just one video, she’s really funny – she made my day. She has a talent such as: dancing, makeup tutorials, getsurs, etc. She’s truly a comedian, she will make you laugh. You’re really going to love her. I am a fan now. Nothing can make my day like petra.

There are more, but this is one of my favorite video of her as of right now.

If you haven’t seen her video, you should visit her youtube page and watch her video.

Don’t be late, you might regret not watching her videos. It will definitely make you laugh.

Could You Live Without the Internet?

This is a hard question to answer, would WE live without the internet?

With, the technologies going smarter and smarter each day and being advance
everyday, it’s going to be really hard to be able to live without the internet.
Even though we don’t have the internet, we still have SMS. When internet dies,
we’re going to be texting our friends everyday. However, we can’t just text our
friends every minute. Being online is where we spend most of our times. With
social networking, it’s going to be really hard to live without the internet.

We would find an alternative way to communicate with each other like SMS and
snail mail.

I can survive without the internet. Can you?