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Best selling NBA Jersey

For the past two season, Kobe Bryant was the king in NBA Jersey sale but not this season. LeBron James reclaimed as the top Jersey sale since 2004.

Rajon Rondo landed third this season, he was 15th last season.

Top 10 jersey-selling teams in 2010-11:
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Boston Celtics
3. Miami Heat
4. New York Knicks
5. Chicago Bulls
6. Oklahoma City Thunder
7. Orlando Magic
8. San Antonio Spurs
9. Denver Nuggets
10. Phoenix Suns

McDonalad’s BF-GF Commercial Ads Pulled Out

The famous McDonald’s BF-GF Commercial was pulled out by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).
Said CBCP officials:

“If the ad attempted to teach commitment, (it failed) because it was too superficial to point to a packet of French fries as the basis of a relationship.”
“The two children are not even at the right age for this kind of relationship. It might also pave the way for us to lose sight of the good ways of shaping the values of our children.”

The ad might be cute but using children to portray as a couple is very wrong in my opinion. If relationship was to work this way, I don’t know if people would be able to feel what true love is.

Girl: Girlfriend mo na ba ako?
Boy: Ayoko nga. Di pa ako ready eh.
Girl: Huh?!
Boy: Demanding ang mga girlfriend. Gusto ganito, gusto ganyan… ewan!!
Girl: Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries eh.
Boy: Talaga?
Girl: [nods while smiling]