Buying a house – a process

We started looking for a house in October, now we’re about to close to a house and it’s even more stressful. With all the paper works that you have to sign.

From looking a house daily to making an offer to counterpart offer to signing papers. It’s a long process. Once you have offered, the seller will counter offer and you go back and forth until both parties are satisfied.

Next, you do inspection of the house. You hire a contractor or someone who inspect houses to make sure it is safe to live in. This process will take about 2 to 3 hours. Your inspector will explain everything about what they found in the house, what needs repairing or fixing. Luckily, the house that we are buying doesn’t have any major repairing and it is a quick fix.

Now inspection is done, you tell the seller what you want to be fixed and the seller will say either they will fix or what they will reduce in price. This will take some time, as well because both will say what needed to be fixed. But at the end, you’re making sure you’re living in a safe house.

Paper works! A long process. It’s a good idea to have someone with you who knows what the paper works are. You don’t want to just sign something just because they tell you to sign, know it. You’ll be paying for the house and living in them. This is one of the stressful moment in this whole process because it’s electronically. Yea, I’m fine with it but my parents, not so much.

Pay! Closing time, have enough money for closing the house. It’s a lot to pay but it’s worth it. All the hard work that you did will be worth it. This is the stressful moment, as well. How do you wire it? Is it safe moving that much money to that account? What if you sent it to the wrong account? You have all this questions but no one to answer except your bank.

Moving day! Get everyone that you know to help you. Make sure you boxed everything prior to moving to save you major time and for an easy moving.

It only took us 2 months to find a house that we really like that is close to work and to the main city. And another month to process everything. But at the end, it’s worth it.

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