Stressed Out

Have you ever felt stressed out that you can’t do anything except be emotional. I’m not saying stressed out because of work, rather, stressed out because house hunting is such a hassle, tiring and emotionally tiring and you can’t do anything about it.

I’m so stressed that at night, I drive around the coast, park my car by the road and just listen to the ocean crashing into the rocks. It’s soothing to me and it relaxes me. However, there’s times that tears randomly come out. Just thinking about what’s happening stresses me out.

You know what you want in a house, you know how much you can only afford a month but parents override your suggestions and your preferences. I can’t do anything but just go with them, I’m trying to decide what’s going to be best for me, and for us. I’m deciding because it’s going to be me, under my name, my payment, my future. However, they’re still my parents and I can only suggest something to them. They can’t see the future and they don’t think of the future. They want what’s going to be best at the moment.

I have this thinking, they can help me with payments today. What happens when they retire, when they go back to the Philippines, now what? Are they going to help me with payment? Or am I going to pay for something exceeding my monthly payments. See, this is what they don’t see. They don’t see that no one is going to help me payonce they retire and they go back and I’m going to suffer financially. This is where my stress comes from. 

I think long term So I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I want it to be smooth, no problems to think about. I just want a wonderful future ahead.

How do you cope with stressful situations?

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