Invest on Yourself

Invest on yourself, think of your future. I keep reminding myself that but I keep disregarding it. No I’m not talking about investing money on myself but rather than investing time on your self.

Have you experienced something, like, liking someone and you put so much time or investing your time on them that you forget about yourself. You see something in them that you put so much effort and you don’t think of your own future. It’s good for them and hopefully they acknowledge your effort, but it might be bad for you because you don’t know what the future hold for both.

It’s great if whatever your thinking goes your way, but it’s a disaster if it doesn’t. Why? Well, all that effort you put in and that dedication that you did just went down the drain. 

Sometimes, you have to balance your time on yourself and to that person. Don’t invest your time on that person alone. Yes, it’s great that you’re doing this but make sure that they know that you are doing it for them. That’s been my problem, ever since. I just do it without letting them know, I have that fear of being rejected and that friendship getting ruined. 

I think that’s every guy’s nightmare, being rejected. Also, how would you know if you get rejected or not if they don’t know your intention. Sometimes, you just have to have that courage to just do it and let them know.

It goes two ways, yes or no. Will it hurt if you get rejected? Yes, definitely and you don’t know what it means to your friendship, will it be awkward? What if it’s a yes? Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that, don’t invest on someone too much. Have a balance between you and that person. Also, just do it. You never know what the result would be if you wouldn’t let them know.

Can someone give me a courage to just do it. 

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