What is love?

Love? 4 letter word that is dreadful to some. Some found their l-o-v-e, some are still looking for it, and some are playing with it.

What is love? Can you define love? Can you explain it? Can you feel it? Is love a feeling or an expression?

To me, love is something you can’t explain. Love is unpredictable. “Love is like a wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” Can you guess where that quote came from? A walk to remember

Is it love or you’re just afraid of being alone that’s why you stay together? How can you say it’s love? How do you know that you found your love? If you know that your relationship isn’t working out and you chooses to stay, why? Is it really love? Or are you afraid of being alone, by yourself or lonely? Is it because you really love that person even though you know the relationship is toxic?

How come people who found their love, plays with it. They know that they have their love, but chooses to play with them? Are they not satisfied? Is love just a title for some?

I’m just writing this due to having a discussion regarding what love is.

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