House Shopping

House shopping or house hunting, it’s that that time of your life. It could either be a wonderful time or a sad time. It takes so much energy out of you that you can’t decide where to look for due to conflicts of someone else.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you are looking for that dream house, even just imagining what to do with that house makes you happy. You get to start from scratch with designing everything, from wall colors, to security system. It’s an endless possibilities when you start from beginning.

Although, it can be sad as well. Knowing that you grew up in your current location and that memories that was created in that house, is just going away – It’s just going to be in your memories. Also, it’s sad to think that all your effort to maintaining the house, the plants that you planted from seed and that yearly decorations that you do to that house, is going to end once you move out. You will have to start from beginning with the plants.

It’s draining just thinking about it, from choosing the location, looking for a house for you, contacting agents, open houses, offering prices, etc. Everything is mentally draining, and sometimes stresses you out. Not only that you have to deal with house hunting, you have your work that you worry about causing double the stress.

But in the end, once you do get that house, it’s a wonderful feeling that you will experience. You know that all that hunting will be worth it. Next step, moving out and moving in. You passed the mental draining part, now to physical draining part due to moving all your belongings and furniture.

They say, all good things happen to those who wait. But the question is, how long is that wait? Something to think about.

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