Learning How to Play Guitar

I’ve done it, I finally bought a guitar. It took me some encouragement to go to ‘Guitar Center’ and talk to associate regarding guitar choices. I ended up getting an Ibanez guitar with all black, pretty cool style for me.

Day zero: admiring my first guitar and getting a feel of it. I also downloaded a tuner app to make sure the strings are in tune. I watched dozens of YouTube videos on how to tune a guitar and to make sure it’s in tune. Also, I watched YouTube tutorials for beginners, and getting a feel of what’s coming.

Day one: A, D and E. That’s the first three chords I learned and it took me almost an hour to learn the placement.

My fingertips are getting calluses, which is good, from what I heard. It helps you play the guitar and it trains you with sliding chords to chords.

Next chords to learn are Em, C and G.

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