Psychiatric Technician: Year One

It’s been one year since I passed my state exam for Psychiatric Technician and I’ve only touched the surface of what’s out there. I know, for a fact, that there are more to see, more to learn, and more knowledge to learn.

What do I do and what did I learn? I take care of someone who are developmentally disabled, who provide quality care, and be an advocate to them. I have learned that even though they have disabilities, they are still capable of doing certain task and they are able to learn when you teach them something. It’s a feel good feeling when they learn something that you have been teaching them for a long time. Also, it takes patients, risks, tons of encouragement and praises to have them learn tasks.

What is Psychiatric Technician? “A psychiatric technician is someone who cares for people that have a mental illness or a developmental disability, and provides them with therapeutic care. Psychiatric technicians work in psychiatric hospitals, residential mental health facilities, and related healthcare settings.”

I remember the day when I received that magical letter from Sacramento. i grabbed my bottle of wine and pour me a glass and had a toast to myself for sacrificing everything just for this exam. All of my hard work, all of my Starbucks bought just to be able to study at Starbucks and my loss of social life paid off.

Not only that I work at an adult residential facility, I also work at a psychiatric hospital. Both work needs ton of patience and not everyone has that patience. They will push your buttons in all the places and you have to know not to take it personally. 

Everyday, I learn something new in this workplace. Some are refresher from school and some are clinical experience. It’s fantastic when you remember something and you just know how to deal with it based on experience.

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