Ride Improvements

When I first started biking, I couldn’t keep up with my friends who were doing 18mph. I get tired easily, I ran out of gas by the time we hit 10 miles. After a month of riding, I’ve definitely seen so much improvements with myself.

In today’s ride with AdoboVelo, we started from Liberty Park in Cerritos going to Encanto Park in Duarte. Even with a strong riders with us, I was able to keep up with them. We were going 18mph to 20mph all the way to Encanto Park. Of course, when we are going back to Liberty Park there is a headwind which causes trouble for me. Even with a headwind, I was still able to do 18mph.

Before when I went by myself to Encanto Park, I was just averaging 12-15mph. Look at the difference it made in just a month.

So, how did I do this? I just kept riding my bike and going with a faster and stronger rider too. They say, practice makes perfect but in this case riding will make your endurance stronger.

Also, this ride is a training for our coming century ride. Unfortunately, I only did 50 miles. I’m riding short and will go farther and farther each week. With only 4 weeks left, I’m pretty sure I will be ready for that 101 miles.

You can see how I performed in this ride, this is continuous and did not pause whenever we stop causing some of my average to go down.

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