Clipless vs. Regular Pedal

What are the advantages of having a clipless pedal and a regular pedal?

They said that it is easier to pedal with clipless and hard to release. Are these true? It is easy to pedal with clipless. With clipless, you do a PULL and PUSH and with just a regular pedal, all you do is PUSH down.

Also, what I’m hearing is that when you fall down, you fall down with your bike. Actually, this is not true, with clipless pedal it is easy to release from the clip. When you go down, hopefully you don’t, you will be released from the clip and it makes you not go down with the bike.

The big advantage of the clipless pedal is going uphill, it’s going to be much easier pedaling uphill because you do a PUSH PULL rather than just PUSHING your pedal. Plus, you’re not going to slip off your pedal.

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