LP: Puppies

My first time of having a pet was when I was a kid, my uncle gave us a dog and my aunt. From that point on, we have a dog in our house. The most pet that we had was 3 dogs, a cat, 2 hamsters that grew to about 20.

Our house wag big and so was the number of pet that we are taking care of, it was fun playing with them in the living room or in the kitchen where we got an extractor from https://kitchenextractionsystems.co.uk so they are not bothered for the smells so much as dogs have really sensitive noses. Sometimes, they gave us a headache but it’s still fun.

Right now, we have three dogs: two male and a female, and a puppy. We also believe that our dog is pregnant, again. It’s going to be a pain again trying to find who will want a puppy. Luckily, some of our friends wanted puppy so we gave them away.

copyright – VernonVan Photography

This is the father

copyright – VernonVan Photography

This was taken when they were about 2 months old or probably younger.

*update: The puppy that we had died this morning, we are not sure why he died. He was the first born puppy and he was the chubbiest and the cutest too. 🙁
Do you have a pet? How many? If not, do you want one?

7 thoughts on “LP: Puppies”

  1. Ang cute naman nila. Pero sayang yung isang puppy.

    I’m a dog person. Kung puwede nga lang na magkaroon ng 20 dogs sa bahay gagawin ko hehehe. But I live in a small place at isa lang ang puwede kong maging alaga. I have a makulit na shihtzu 😀

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