Soft Frozen Lemonade

The first time I’ve tired the soft frozen lemonade was when I was in Junior High watching NCAA College Football, UCLA vs Oregon, I believe. There was a soft frozen lemonade going around for about $3, I decided to try it. I can still remember the tasted that I got when I first put my mouth into that cup.

With the hot weather along with the football game going on, this is a perfect time to eat/drink some lemonade. After for a long time, I’ve been searching for a recipe for a soft frozen lemonade recipe but find no success so I decided to make my own.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

With the photo above, I managed to almost get the result that I wanted.


Using a pitcher or use a blender, mix water and lemonade with equal ratio getting a wonderful taste.
Now, with your mix ready, add it to the blender along with a lot of ice. I’m not sure how much I added but add a lot of ice.
Blend it for about 30 seconds or more.

If the outcome is watery, add ice.

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