Taking Photographs With Blindfold

Have you tried taking a picture blindfolded?
In my photography class, we had a in-class project where we will put a blindfold on and just take photographs.

You have seen this image from my previous post, not the same image but the same building. If you noticed the tower, I used that tower from my HDR tutorial except I was on the opposite side of the tower.

Back to my topic, being blindfolded is very much different that taking photographs with your eyes open. Why?
Not only that you can’t see what you are taking, it is because you don’t know where you are going. You don’t know who and what you are taking. Bringing in the hardness of not knowing what you are taking, also think that you are using an endzone camera. In this case, you are very careful of what you take. You only have 36 shots and you have to consider how many shots are you going to take per location.

This projects tell us that what you see in the picture is very different from reality. I’m not sure if I can explain it better than what my professor said.

Try doing this with your digital camera and see what kind of result you can get.

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