Quick, shoot it

It was a Saturday afternoon when my friends decided to go hang out at a park. We went out to eat first at a Korean BBQ couple blocks from our house.
After eating, we went to a park where I was amazed because this is my first time going to that park and also the size of it. It was huge with a lake and fountain in the middle of the lake. This park is great for fishing, ball sport such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and tennis. There is also a playground for kids and also for adults.

Also, I was amazed by the number of birds flying around. There are flying and walking everywhere. I had my camera at that time and I decided to load up and see if I can capture at least one bird flying.

With my camera and my quick panning of the bird, I shot this image.

copyright - VernonVan Photography

It turned out beautiful, the bird was focused while the background is not. It took me a while to get this shot.

I am grateful that my friend helped me take this shot, they were running around just to get the bird flying.

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