Developing Your 4×5 viewfinder

This a 4z5 monorail viewfinder that I used for my photography class. I will show you how to develop your own.

You will need a:
stop bath
photo flow
timer (glow in the dark)
Small container with holes poked below

Also a darkroom where it is complete darkness. You will be there for at least 30 minutes to one hours.

Let’s begin developing.

First, you will put your film into the developer for five minutes.
While waiting for five minutes, you will have to agitate it. Do these steps.

Agitate for 30 seconds
Sit for 50 seconds
Agitate for 10 seconds
Sit for 50 seconds
Agitate for 10 seconds
Repeat until 5 minutes finished.

Then you will have to put it to stop bath for 15 seconds.
Put it to fixer for 5 minutes.
Then put it to a water for 15 minutes with water blasting and overflowing your container.

You finished developing your film, now you have to add photo flow for 15 seconds and you will have it hanged to dry.

5 thoughts on “Developing Your 4×5 viewfinder”

    1. Make sure that your room is in complete darkness or you will damage the image.

      Be sure you also have a timer and a faucet for running water.

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